Why Embroidery?

Why Embroidery?

Why should you choose embroidery? A lot of people, especially those who have just retired from their jobs, are looking for a hobby to keep them busy. Majority of men resort to playing golf or chess while the women prefer embroidery. But you see, embroidery is not just for women, it’s actually for everyone. And contrary to popular belief, embroidery is not just for the older population because we bet that if the younger generation will learn the techniques especially learning how to create Applique embroidery design, they will be hooked! Besides, this is way better than spending hours on end on Facebook or Instagram or whatever app millennials use today.

Why Embroidery?

So again, the question, why embroidery? Well, embroidery enhances your creativity. You get to choose what thread type and colour you want for specific projects. It also hones your skill and dexterity. It’s also a great stress-reliever. Just because you don’t have people working for you or you working for someone else doesn’t mean you’ll be free from stress. Stressors are everywhere – it could come from a poorly functioning air conditioning system in the middle of summer or noisy neighbours who can’t keep their voices down while you’re sleeping – it could be anything. Embroidery can be your escape. Since it requires concentration, you can temporarily keep your mind off your stress and it’s also a great exercise for your brain.

When you’re working, you’re used to analysing, planning and memorising but when you retire, especially for those who choose to stay at home, their brains can get a little rusty. With embroidery, your brain is working and even though it doesn’t involve math or trigonometry, it still enhances your brain’s creativity and attention to detail. If you are looking for a healthy way to keep yourself busy, a hobby that is not detrimental to your physical and emotional wellbeing then embroidery is for you.

Some of you might get discouraged because the techniques may seem complicated, but trust us it’s really not. All you need to do is to learn the basics through research or through video tutorials and you can already adjust your techniques when it gets a bit hard. Besides, the joy and fulfillment are priceless once your project is done. You will see that embroidery is truly more rewarding and artsier compared to modern digital printing. It’s also a hobby you can pass on to your kids and grandkids.

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The Right Preparation Is The Key To SAT And ACT Success!

Exams, points and school applications can take over life! If your kids are at that point in life when big decisions have to be made, you may be starting to feel the stress of the process. Indeed, getting into the right school can play a vital role in the career and life that your child goes on to have. However, everything that comes with that acceptance can see like a mission impossible.


When it comes to SAT and ACT tests, the right preparation is absolutely vital to success. Of course, every student must study and prepare themselves, yet sometimes this is not enough to achieve the results they need. What is missing? The experience of a tutor who has already been in their shoes! Indeed, such preparation can be the essential contributing factor to getting the result they are hoping for.


How can you choose the right tutor and preparation course? Actually, it does not need to be too difficult a task. All you need to do is inform yourself on what makes a great preparation tutor. Let’s take a look at a few part to that process now.


Help In Choosing The Right Test

Often, to achieve the points needed for a particular application, it is possible to take one of a variety of tests. Which one will have the greatest chance of success? Much will depend on the skills and abilities of the individual.


That is where great SAT Prep classes Los Angeles tutors will really come into their own. With their experience and analytical skills they will be able to examine the student as an individual and help them choose the test which they will be able to perform best in.



One-On-One Instruction

We are all different. What will prove challenging or perplexing to one person may be understandable to another and vice versa. That is why one-on-one tutoring can really make the difference. Options such as powerfulprep provide just this type of instruction. The goal is to provide maximum results in the shortest space of time, with the individual student as the focus of the learning.


Certainly, this point in life comes with many important decisions. To ensure your child has the best possible position in securing the future they wish for, be sure you understand how the right preparation really can be the key to SAT and ACT success!

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Read Up On The Benefits Of Eco-Pools

It may seem a nice idea, but the does the dream actually look great in reality? Many books and articles have been written about eco pools which are becoming ever more popular today. Because of increasing awareness of how every decision we make can have an impact the environment, people are becoming more conscious of going green. A great way to start is by replacing their regular chlorinated pool with the natural eco pool. Here are some benefits of having an eco-pool:

– They’re Healthy. Swimming in an eco-pool prevents your skin, the largest organ of the body, from being in contact with chlorine and other harmful chemicals. We’re actually helping our body to not be toxic. The clean water in the eco-pool actually helps your skin to be smoother and lets it breathe. It won’t sting or dry it up like chlorine does.

– They’re beautiful. Having an eco-pool compliments any yard and the plants that help to filtrate the water bloom beautiful flowers constantly. It can be made to look like a pond which makes your yard not look like a sterile swimming area. Even waterfalls can be added to enhance the beauty of the pool. The waterfall can be put in a rock which hides the pump that helps the circulation of the pool.

– They’re environmentally friendly. Your pumps can be solar powered. The lights that you can put in for night lighting can be solar powered as well. There won’t be any chlorinated water you have to dump.

They’re self cleaning. Once you build your eco pool and the plants start working to clean it, you won’t have a lot to do to maintain it. No need to hire a pool boy or professional cleaners to scrub down the pool walls.

– They can help endangered species survive. If you decide to work with an environmentalist, they might ask you if your pool can host some endangered water species. Some of these water species actually can help filter the water to make it cleaner so you can have large benefits as well. You can help an endangered species thrive in your safe eco pool while providing great filtration to the pool. After reproducing, some of the thriving species can be released back to their natural environments.

Check out www.ecopools.com.au for more reading material on eco-pools and if you have any questions about building an eco-pool, contact the professionals there.

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Facts On The Mysterious Snake

Not everyone likes snakes. They have a reputation for being dangerous, sly, and slimy. They look cool, but they can be dangerous. It is estimated that there about three thousand snake species on earth. The only continent where snakes have not been found yet is Antarcica. It’s reputation is usually terrible, but with more research done on snakes it’s reputation is getting better. Many people choose to have pets as snakes especially if they have allergies either to dogs or cats. Snakes also help keep the population of unwanted rodents down.

Snakes come in many sizes and colors. The smallest snake ever recorded by scientists is called the thread snake and can be as small as a dime. The biggest ever recorded is the anaconda in terms of weight but as for length, the python wins. Fossil records show that the titanoboa measured at fifteen meters is the longest measured snake fossil found. It is estimated to have lived more than fifty million years ago.

Not many snakes actually make nests and it is only known that the king cobra is the one that does that. Thirty percent of snakes are non-egg laying and have baby snakes like mammals. These snakes tend to live in colder climates. The rest lay eggs.

Snakes usually eat live rodents or the eggs of other animals. They have not been found to be vegetarian. Not all snakes have venom or use venom to kill their prey. Other snakes like the python surround their prey to suffocate it then swallows its prey. So if you’re sleeping, and there’s a python nearby, watch out! It’s not being cuddly at all. It’s probably sizing you up to eat you. Some snakes eat prey bigger than their stomach. Their jaws can come apart to be able to swallow their prey and their stomach expands to accommodate the size of their food. Of course, it can take them a while to digest large food. That’s why they can last weeks even months without eating anything new.

Snakes are found everywhere in the world but seldom in very cold conditions like in Antarctica. Like most reptiles, they are cold-blooded and like warmer weather. If they live in areas where there is winter, they usually hibernate during the long cold months and then surface in the spring. They like to live in tunnels where they can keep warm underground or seek shelter in hidden areas in buildings and homes.

If you like to know more about snakes, check out a website for more information.

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Great Ideas For Bookshelves

Your books taking up too much room on the table? Build yourself some shelves to help declutter and organize your rooms. Here are some ideas you can implement to make yourself bookshelves.

1. Collect about eight or more wooden crates like old milk crates. Paint them what colour you like and set them on their sides stacked on top of each other. If you want to be able to change their position, you don’t have to attach them together. However, if you want them permanent, you can nail them together. Place them in an area against a wall and stack your books in your shelf. You can also use plastic crates as shelves.

2. If you need more space, attach shelving units high up against the walls. You can just have one shelf or use up the whole wall for shelving.

3. Usually if you have a wall with doors, large windows, or even French doors, there are parts of that wall that is wasted space like above the doors or on the sides. Why not use that space for shelving? Depending on the space you have, you can build two shelves on either side of the doors and above the doors if there is enough space.

4. If you’re really hurting for space and would still really like some shelving, use different material for shelving that doesn’t take up a lot of room. For example, if you still have extra material from installing gutters, attach those up on the walls neatly to fit your children’s books. It would have to be children’s books because they are thinner than regular books.

5. You can also make benches that double as book shelves. It’s perfect for children’s rooms as well to save space, encourage reading, and keep books organized and decluttered.

6. You can use reclaimed wood like old barn wood or old fence boards to make yourself a nice rustic-looking bookshelf. It is a popular trend now to use chalk paint on furniture like book shelves. After painting with chalk paint, people give a distressed look to the paint by the sanding the paint here and there then waxing it to give it a nice finish. Colours like white, cream or robin-eggshell blue are quite common.

7. If you have trouble deciding what art work to put up and hang on stairwell walls, why not build square bookshelves there? You can frame the book shelves with actual picture frames or painting frames to finish the look. You can also build regular shelving instead of putting a railing between the wall and the stairs. If your stairs need to be sanded and finished by the way, get Floor Sanding Brisbane to do the dirty work for you.

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Muster Book

Anthony Gary Brown

B.A., M.Phil., D.Phil.

(McFarland & Co., Jefferson, NC

Available as of June 19th 2006)

For 2006 there’s a new – somewhat re-named – edition of Gary Brown’s biographical companion to the world of Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin, the invaluable Patrick O’Brian Muster Book:

~ All the characters (and ships, and animals, and ships and cannon….) for all 20 books of the series – which of course ended with O’Brian’s death in 2001 – plus the recently published 21st fragment

~ Extensive revision of all existing entries to take account of new research, and to correct past errors and omissions

~ A new Introductory Chapter giving the historical background and inspiration for the plot of each of the 21 books

~ An extensive Biography of Patrick and Mary O’Brian

~ A new expanded Bibliography and Research Resources section, full annotated; both Web and Library resources for Patrick O’Brian’s Wooden World and general Naval History are included

~ In all, approximately 500 pages (150 pages more than the 1999 First Edition), with many hundreds of new entries; hardback, library-binding, exquisite cover

~ There’s also a regularly updated Revisions, Additions and Errata Page on the Web.

Here’s what the experts said about the First Edition:

Brown “… brings to the task an erudition that is a worthy match for O’Brian’s and, as a result, his book is one of those works of reference that it is genuinely difficult to put down, with one entry cross-referencing to another in an enthralling intellectual trail’”

Colin White
Deputy Director of The Royal Naval Museum, Director for the National Maritime Museum of ‘Trafalgar 200’, and author of
’The Nelson Encyclopedia: People, Places, Battles, Ships, Myths, Mistresses, Memorials, and Memorabilia’ (Stackpole Books, 2003)

“An astonishing piece of work … and a valuable one too. A substantial tribute to O’Brian”

Richard Snow

Editor of American Heritage Magazine

“As indispensable as a mainmast or a compass for any reader who would put to sea in [Jack and Stephen’s] company”

Lewis Lapham

Editor of Harper’s Magazine

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Anthony G. Brown Fine Nautical Books

Rare, Important and Essential Books and Manuscripts on the Great Age of the Sailing Navies. Our particular focus is on the Military and Social History of the Royal Navy from 1740 ~ 1830

NEWS for 2010

We Are Re-Locating to New York City, and Will Be Back With a New Web Site in the Spring.

Please be sure to visit our associated web-sites:

“The Patrick O’Brian Muster Book: Persons, Animals, Ships and Cannon in the Aubrey-Maturin Sea Novels”

by Anthony Gary Brown

(2nd Edition; McFarland & Co., 2006)

“A Guide for the Perplexed: Translations of All Non-English Phrases in Patrick O’Brian’s Sea-Tales”

“An Index to the Entries in Lieutenant John Marshall’s Royal Naval Biography, Published in London from 1823-35, in 12 volumes”

“The Irish Sea-Officers of the Royal Navy, 1793-1815”

“A Guide to Naval Memorials in Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral”

Links to several other Naval / Patrick O’Brian sites that I maintain are listed on
Anthony G. Brown’s Homepage

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